The all-natural way to wick moisture, remove wrinkles, and increase softness

These dryer balls are made 100% from sheep’s wool. They are an all-natural alternative to plastic balls or softener sheets, which are made from synthetic materials and can emit chemical fumes absorbed by your clothes.

All-natural wool dryer balls are hypoallergenic and also:
• Make dryer loads more efficient by absorbing large amounts of moisture, reducing drying time.
• Break the static energy that builds up in dryers
• Reduce wrinkles and increases softness of clothes without the silicone chemical coating on conventional dryer sheets
• Virtually indestructible – lasts for 1000 or more loads.
These balls are infused with lavender essential oil. To revive, add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil per ball every few loads.
The recommended number of balls to use is 3-4 for medium and 5-6 for heavy loads.
They do loose some of their smoothness once they go through the dryer - but none of their functionality.

Dryer Balls