Saturday Morning Classes 
9 am to noon

2D Needle Felted Picture with Justine Heinrichs

Class Description Students will create a 2D needle felted robin wool painting suitable for framing. Students will learn to how to transfer an image onto a sheet of wool felt, blend wool colors by hand, various needle felting techniques for different effects in 2D and how to prepare their project for various display options.

Supplies students need to bring All supplies will be included in the materials fee.

$40.00 + $20 materials fee

Beginning Pin Loom Weaving with Jane Grogan

Beginning Chair Caning with Mary Jo Harris

Ever wonder how a caned chair seat is made?  Then this is the class for you.  In this class participants will hand cane a wooden trivet using natural strand cane.  Other topics that will be discussed include:


                        •           the difference between the various types of caning

                        •           the different types of caning materials

                        •           the 7 step method of hand caning

                        •           how to care for caned furniture


This class will not address any painting, staining, or wood finishing issues.


Length of Class:       6 hours


Skills needed:           no prior knowledge of caning or caning skills needed


Materials needed:    small hand clippers or shears

                                    small rag

                                    spray bottle

                                    bucket or tub for water (in addition to spray bottle)

                                    paper for notes                    

                                    pen or pencil

                                    an awl or ice pick

                                    a dozen or more golf tees or caning pegs (optional)


Materials Included:    Trivet frame Kit, natural strand cane, binder cane,                                                      and instruction booklet.


                                         ages 12 or above

$80.00 + $25.00 Materials fee

Saturday Afternoon Classes 
1 - 4 pm

Felted Hedgehog with Erin Whalen - Back by popular demand!

In this 4 hour class, students will make a Super Cute needle felted hedgehog.  Students will be provided with a written handout and also guided through each step of the process.  This is a beginner-friendly, kid-friendly class (suitable for ages 12 and over).  Each student will receive a generous  amount of wool and all materials necessary to make a hedgehog in class and TWO hedgehogs at home!

Materials fee includes:  enough wool & locks to make 3 hedgehogs: 3 pairs of glass eyes; felting pad; armature; and written instructions.

 Materials fee $30    -     4 hour class ends at 5pm


Pattern Weaving on the Pin Loom with Jane Grogan








Pattern weaving on the pin loom adds texture and overall designs  when  squares are combined into a larger piece such as placemats, blankets or garments.  Class techniques will include learning to “read” the rows on the loom and to decipher written pattern instructions. Participants should already be familiar with warping and weaving on a pin loom.  Class project will be to complete several squares and to learn how to turn the square into a greeting card or a coaster.

Experience Level:  Participants must be able to warp and weave a plain square. 

Materials:4" Pin Loom,  blunt tapestry needle and scissors